Prepare you participation in Logistic & Industrial Build!

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Discover how to make the most of your participation in the event through the different videos of the Exhibitor Academy.

Improve your stand, attract more contacts, get the most of the different tools at your disposal…

If you still have questions or doubts… do not hesitate to contact us!

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Exhibitor Academy​

1.1 Welcome

What is the Exhibitor Academy?

The Exhibitor Academy is a collection of videos that help you prepare for your participation in Logistic & Industrial Build Madrid. Find out everything you need to make the most of the event.

1.2 What makes you unique?

What makes you unique? Discover what you can do in order to stand out from your competitors. Find out what are the most important aspects to be unique.

1.3.1 Your stand

How to make your stand more attractive

Find out how you can improve your visibility during the event. How can you make sure visitors will come to your stand and not your competitors’?

1.3.2 How to stand out?

Discover what makes you stand out and how to do so. Find best practices to involve your visitors.

1.4 The stand personnel

Your stand personnel is a fundamental pillar to get the most out of the fair. Their attitude plays an important role in have a successful trade show.

1.5 A Sustainable Stand

What actions can you take to reduce your impact on the environment? How can you help us to have the most sustainable event? Discover all the actions, small or big, that you can take to have a more sustainable stand.

1.6 How to promote your participation?

What tools do I have?

Find out how you can guarantee the best return on investment for your participation.

1.7 Time to follow-up

How can you get the data of the visitors who have come to your stand? After the event it would be possible to consult all the information of the visitors who have scanned their Smart Badge on your readers. This way you can have their contact information to follow up the event. Do it soon!

2.1 Get more visibility by optimizing your company online profile

You can get more visibility online with the various tools at your disposal. Complete your online profile, add news, participate in the Innovation Gallery, post your company as an innovative company and get even more visibility!

2.2 Drive more visitors to your stand by using the invitation service

EasyGo gives you tools not only to invite your customers and potential customers, but also to keep track of who has registered and who is attending the event.
Visitors are more likely to attend an event if they have been personally invited by one or more exhibitors.

Find out why and how you can invite them.

2.3 Increase your leads by maximising the Smart Badge Technology

Smart Badge technology serves two purposes: The first is that you, as an exhibitor, can promote your company and your products without paper. Secondly, you will get the list of visitors who touched one of your readers with their Smart Badge.

Find out how it works and how you can enjoy all its functions.

2.4 Get qualified leads with Visit Connect

Discover all you can do with Visit Connect. Capture quality leads, you can add text or audio notes to categorize the most important customers.

2.5 Smart badge vs Visit Connect

Why do you need two lead-generation tools?

The differences between Smart Badge technology and Visit Connect is the person who is proactive. With the Smart Badge it is the visitor who does the action, with Visit Connect it is the exhibitor who is proactive.

Find out why Smart Badge technology and Visit Connect are complementary tools.